As of Monday Jan. 27, 2003 the position of Film Specialist at Avid Technology was eliminated. I will continue to provide the documents and support through this webpage, as I have over the past seven years.

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A brief overview of Avid Xpress DV..

DV formats, Compression and Colorspace. This document offers an overview of DV formats, compression and RGB vs. YUV colorspace.

Video for a film release.. Explores the considerations and variables when shooting and/or posting video for a film release.

Avid 24p and HDTV. This document offers an overview of Avid 24p, HDTV and MPEG compression.

Instructions for creating a 24fps EDL.

Pulldown Explained. This document will walk you through the concepts of 2-3 pulldown in the film-to-tape telecine process, as well as syncing audio to the video.

Telecine Spec Sheet. A sample specifications sheet for telecine transfers.

DNL Audio Issues. This document discusses audio pulldown and sync issues.

Matchback explained. See how a film cut list is derived from a 30 frame per second Avid edit or EDL.

PAL Film DNL Post Production. Avid DNL editing of film in a PAL environment.

Capturing 30 fps in an Avid Film Project explains how to digitize 30 fps material into a 24 fps film project. This procedure is particularly useful for those producing 24 fps images in a graphics application which have to be recorded to DDR or video at 30 fps and then cut into a 24 fps Avid project.
Written by Michael Phillips.

Importing an EDL into an Avid 30 fps project. This document explains how successfully import and EDL into an Avid System, specifically how to move an Avid Film Project into a 30 fps project for redigitizing at higher, two-field resolutions (AVRs 70,71,75 & 77).

Linking an Imported EDL to Existing Media explains how to import a 30 fps edl and link it to existing media.
Written by Steve Bayes.

Computer Terms. This document clarifies most common computer terms (especially Mac).
Film & Editing Terms. This document defines many terms used in film production and editing.

Motion Picture Formats. This document illustrates the scale of large film formats .

Filmmaker's Links. This page features links to some useful and interesting sites on the Internet. (suggestions are welcome)

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